Video Campaign
2019 & 2020

My Journey to Denmark

Erhvervsakademi Aarhus (BAAA) asked me to create a series of videos targetting new, international students who are about to make their big step of moving to a completely new country.

During the pre-production stage, several ideas were discussed and the one that stuck was a video campaign featuring 5 students representing the 5 international AP programmes EAAA offers.

In the videos, the students talk about their biggest struggles before, during, and after moving to Denmark. Struggles which most international students can relate to. Hence the title: “My Journey to Denmark”.

5 AP Degree Programme Videos

After a very succesful campaign of “My Journey to Denmark”, Erhvervsakademi Aarhus decided to work with me once again on a project featuring the 5 different international AP Degree Programmes. We took once student from each programme and had them talk about the teachers, exams, study life, and everything connected to Erhvervsakademi Aarhus.

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