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I AM MORE Awards

Uber partner drivers get very little credit for what they do. Uber London decided to change that.

They started a campaign titled Uber HERO where riders submitted stories of exceptional drivers who went above and beyond and behaved like true heroes.

In November 2019, Uber gathered the best of these stories and invited all these heroes to a gala event in London. Adamsfilms was tasked with creating pre-event marketing content, content to be displayed at the event itself as well as covering the event with both photo & video for future use.

Pre-event Marketing

Before the event took place, Uber wanted to spread awareness as well as increase anticipation for the event. For this purpose, I created a teaser video that served as an official invitation that was sent out through Uber’s newsletter.

Event Intro Video

Uber wanted to kick off the event with a powerful video. To achieve that, we teamed up with three Uber HEROes and shared their emotional stories combined with “Thank You” notes from Uber.

Event Coverage

Finally, on November 26, adamsfilms covered the event with a video that was later shared on Uber’s social media channels as well as their email newsletter. Two interviews were also conducted after the event ended.

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