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Hey there! We are adamsfilms. A video powerhouse capable of delivering striking visuals for any project.

We focus on creating content that hooks the audience and keeps them glued to the screen. We always strive for our content to stand out, be bold, and leave you with strong emotion. Whether that emotion is awe, want, joy, or sorrow – we make content that strongly connects with people.


Video Campaign
Having one video is great but having multiple is awesome. Video Campaigns are aimed at business owners that would like to get the most out of their hard earned money. Over the course of just 2 days, it’s possible to film even as many as 50 short videos all of which follow your brand’s visual style.
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Video Business Card
Similar to a real business card, a VBC serves a similar purpose but online and is ideal for startups, freelancers, as well as larger companies. In today’s digital world, being able to present yourself in the best possible light and with the best possible audio every single time with simply sending a link is not only a huge a saver of time but can also help you land customers, clients, investors, and partners who might have otherwise overlooked you.

Event Video
Do you have an important event coming up and would like to use that opportunity to create some kickass marketing content? Then an Event Video might be something just for you.

Product Video
They say a picture says a thousand words. What about videos, though? Videos can convey millions. And that is exactly why customers love them. Your great product will sell like hot cakes if we pair it up with just the right Product Video.

Travel Video
Creating a sense of wonder, lust, and wanderlust, that is exactly what travel videos are for. If you’re a travel agency, outdoor shop, tourist board, or simply a business that would benefit from having a video featuring the most beautiful places that the world has to offer, then a Travel Video is for you.

Real Estate Video
Selling a property is hard but it’s even harder when your potential buyers have only photos to look at. A Real Estate video is a great way to introduce more dimension to your listings and have them sell a whole lot faster.

Onboarding Video
Schooling new staff is a hassle. The old way takes up way too much time from your current employees which slows down the whole company. That is why having an Onboarding Video which the newcomers can simply watch and be 80-100% ready to do the work afterwards is invaluable.

Music Video
Anything from classical music to heavy metal, a Music Video adds an extra layer of depth to a song. Whether it’s a performance video or a deeper, more thorough narrative, either way I would love to help you skyrocket your next big hit with a rocking music clip.

Food Video
Hunger is a common trait that all humans share. It’s the main driving force in food advertising. And nothing makes us hungrier than watching a tasteful, delicious looking video.

Fitness Video
Are you looking for a way to convey high impact, high energy, and a whole lot of power? A Fitness Video might be just the answer. Designed to pump up your audience, rock them from their chairs and have them come sprinting to your gym/sports club as soon as possible.

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